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This web page represents a legal document and is the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) for our website (“Website”). By using our Website you agree to fully comply with and be bound by the following Agreement each time you use our Website. Please review the following terms carefully.

Website usage and ownership

WELCOME to Mente Mirror an online Counselling Platform. We want to inform you about our service, your rights as a client and how the fees for online counselling are charged and handled.

Mente Mirror offers services to individuals or groups or parts thereof that experience emotional and relational challenges. Your counsellor will work with you to identify and approach your difficulties and strengths in an effective and scientific way. An important aspect of this process will work toward improving relationships with key people in your life.

We honor the client's perspective, dignity and personal choice. Each session will be approx. 45 minutes long however may be curtailed or extended as per needs felt during the counselling process. Time preceding and post the session is used by the counsellor for required documentation, analysis of data obtained, background research and treatment planning for their process with you.

Your counsellor will discuss with you during the first session- the probable number of sessions your treatment plan will require. As the sessions progresses, you will be informed, if required, the tests to be administered pertaining to your case history. You will discuss together from time to time your evaluation of progress.

The psychometric assessment, analysis and interpretation provided are based on scientific tools. This hypothesis needs to be confirmed using other clinical information. These test results are to be used to understand the client’s psychological functioning and not to be used for medico-legal purposes.

You understand that the role of the counsellor includes coaching and educating us regarding positive social relationships. You do not hold the counsellor legally responsible for any dissatisfaction on the end results at the end of the sessions due to situations beyond control.

You are welcome at any time to discuss discontinuation of therapy with your counsellor. You are always welcome to consider asking for an alternative counsellor if you believe this would be more helpful to you.

FEES are to be paid online for all services as per the fees charts provided under the services pages for counselling / testing / medication. Fees must be paid during the online scheduling of your appointment.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can email or phone us at the contact numbers or emails provided in the Contact us page. For the terms and conditions regarding rescheduling / cancellations, pl refer to our website page on Cancellation / Refund Policy

We value your time and hence take utmost care not to reschedule your appointments from our side. In any emergency / unforeseen circumstances / technological failures, we will intimate you, should there be a need. In such circumstances, the counsellor will workout a mutually workable time to both of your conveniences.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is considered part of this Agreement and available on this website. If you do not accept and agree to being bound by these Terms, including the Privacy Policy, do not use this website or our Services.

CONSENT – The Client confirms his /her understanding as follows

I must be at least 18 years old to consent to online counselling

  • Internet platformsmay not be 100% guaranteed to be secure and confidential. However there will be no digital recording or release of information to third parties from the side of Mente Mirror.
  • All sessions should be treated like an in-office session. No outside distractions: turn off cell phones and close other computer programs. NO third parties will be in or near the session at any time without the counselor’s knowledge.
  • Technical problems may occur. If the call is disrupted, the counsellor will call you back shortly. If reconnection cannot reoccur, the session will be rescheduled through our office at no additional fee. You will receive a phone call during our office hours to reschedule.
  • If I am in crisis or an emergency situation that needs immediate attention, where I may be considering harming myself or someone else, respective legal authorities may need to be notified.
Contacting us

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Personal information is information or an opinion, in any form and whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion. It includes your name, age and gender, as well as your sensitive information (which includes health information and ethnic origin).

All other rights are reserved to Mente Mirror. Any infringement established on this website will result in appropriate legal action. If you require any further information, use the form from our contact page.